Wooden Mirror Tray

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    The Wooden Mirror Tray is a solid beechwood mirror tray which is ideal for children to learn about reflection and mirror effects, to closely inspect interesting objects, for use in imaginative play and to create small world environments.
    The solid construction of the Wooden Mirror Tray provides a stable base for the 2mm acrylic mirrored base, providing a sharp clear bright reflection.
    Children will love filling the trays with jewels and treasures and exploring their reflection.
    Why not use the trays for transient art activities.
    Please note, these are not suitable to be used with sand as it will scratch the mirrored surface.
    Supports the following areas of learning: • Understanding the World - observation • Personal Development - self-awareness Specification Size: 500 x 435 x 50mm.
    Age: Suitable for all ages.

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